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  • Lufthansa Cargo virtual is a non-profit virtual organisation for flight simulation enthusiasts, and simulating flight operations of Lufthansa Cargo on VATSIM or IVAO network.
  • New pilots must complete first flight in first 14 days period from registration date. 
  • All flights must be conducted using only the following flight simulator airplanes: MD11F and B77L.
  • VA system record your pilot's location. For transfer of pilot to other airport is using Jumpseat system. 
  • Please, book only if you are able to fly this schedule in next 24 hours. Expired booking may be penalized.
  • Flights are reported with ACARS pirep system. Pilot must book flight, then load to ACARS flight from VA site and connect to VATSIM or IVAO. Use our prefiled webform in Pilot Brief for sending flight plan to VATSIM. For IVAO use own flight plan booking.
  • Charter flights are not allowed.
  • Not flying pilots will be retired from service after 180 day's inactivity.
  • Any abuse of these Rules or VATSIM or IVAO Code of Conduct can result in pilot's suspension within the VA.
  • Pilots are ranked on the basis of hours flown. Flying the aircraft types are allowed upon obtaining the rank